A brand-new approach to interior planting!

Meet Soiley!

A Brand New Approach

Soiley is an advanced indoor planting model that does not require soil and daily watering.

New Design

Inner section of Soiley works as a water tank, while the outer surface provides a great growth area for the plants. The water diffuses from the cells to let the plant drink and grow on the outside. The structure of Soiley, consists of only natural materials which meet the needs of the plants.

Yenilikçi Tasarım

Soiley’in iç bölümü su tankı görevi görürken dış yüzeyi ise bitki kökleri için tutunma, beslenme ve büyüme alanıdır. Özel tasarım gözenekler ve madde yapısı, içerideki suyun dış yüzeydeki bitkiye emilim yöntemiyle ulaşmasını ve bitkinin sadece ihtiyacı kadar suyu kullanmasını sağlar.


Soiley is designed to overcome dirt and ineffective watering problems of indoor planting. Naturally designed cultivation mechanism allows plant roots to grip the surface. Thus, the need for soil is eliminated and a clean, suitable indoor planting model emerges.

Clean and Easy to Use

Fill the water, place the seeds into the cells or tie the roots on to the surface and

watch your plant grow!

Temiz ve Kolay Kullanım

Suyu doldurun, tohumları hücrelere yerleştirin veya köklenmiş yaprakları dış yüzeye bağlayın

ve bitkinizin varoluşunu izleyin!


Soiley with Plants

You can meet the new generation of plant growing and open the doors to a unique world of evolving options by using Soiley.


And many combinations that you can create with your imagination!


Soiley is an advanced indoor planting model that does not require soil and daily watering. Soiley’s material structure is solid but porous. The water spreads slowly from the inside and is captured by the cells. The plant uses only as much water as it needs, and the plant roots grow on the surface, providing constant access to both water and air. In this way, insufficient or excessive irrigation is prevented. The only thing that needs to be done is just to add water that is absorbed by the plant every 5 to 10 days.


Watch Your Seed Come To Life!