Frequently Asked Questions

What is the material, size and weight of the product?

Soiley is produced from a mixture containing only natural materials such as soil, clay and minerals that enables the plants to reach the nutrients and water they need at the optimum level. The total length of the product is 32 cm, total width 14 cm, and total weight 1.25 kilograms.

Which plants can I use with Soiley?

You can access the plants we have tested and successfully grown on Soiley on our website and our Instagram account. In addition, by using your creativity, you can make unlimited experiments by preparing the suitable environment for hair rooted plants which are suitable for growing on the surface. As the Soiley team, we continue our studies and experiments in order to offer you more options.

What should I do before my first use?

First, fill water to the vessel and wait for at least 2 hours. Then, you can either place the seeds into the cells or tie a grown plant to the outer surface. As Soiley is made from natural materials, it is very delicate and should be used with care while planting.

How often should I add water?

During the germination period in the first week, it is crucial for the plants to get maximum water, so take care to add water constantly. After that, it will be sufficient to complete the decreasing water every 3 to 10 days.

How do plants get essential minerals and nutrients?

Structure of Soiley consists of nutrients and minerals in its mixture, so the water carries the minerals to the plant while diffusing from the cells.

How long does it take for plants to grow from seed?

The process varies according to the type of plants grown. While herbaceous plants with short roots complete their development in about 20 days, flowering plants can take 6 months to 1 year to complete their development.

Does daylight and temperature matter?

As with traditional growing methods, temperature and daylight are very important factors for the plants to grow healthy. Please keep your plants at a place with appropriate temperature and let them get sunlight.

What do I have to do to grow many plants at the same time?

Soiley allows you to grow various plants at the same time. However, you should select plants with the same environmental needs to effectively grow them on the same Soiley.

Can I grow plants outdoors as well as indoors?

This depends entirely on the living conditions of the plant you are growing. Soiley can also be used outdoors if your plant is suitable for seasonal conditions.

Does the product have an expiration date? Can I replant?

You can use Soiley as many times as you want by replanting various types of plants.

How long does the delivery take and can I order it anywhere in the world?

The product will be shipped within two business days after your order and will be delivered inside two weeks all over the world.